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10.07.2020 - 19.07.2020

Contemporary Czech Animation: Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague

A special program of animated movies which pays tribute to contemporary Czech animation continues! The third part of the contemporary Czech animation let us look under the hood of the Studio of Film and TV Graphic of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. The movies will be accessible on DAFilms.com from 10th July to 19th July FOR FREE.

Animation has always belonged to the family silver of Czech(oslovak) cinematography and it still occupies this position, as evidenced by the international attention and awards which contemporary animated works receive. Let us also remind you that this year we will celebrate 120 years since the birth of Hermína Týrlová, who was at the birth of Czechoslovakian animated film.

UMPRUM Studio of Film and TV Graphics

by Jan Drozda (UMPRUM)

UMPRUM Atelier has existed since 1951. It was established as a studio for future artists of animated film and its graduates had the opportunity to start working in studios of the Short Film Prague (the Studio Bratři v triku & the Studio of Jiří Trnka) - as designers, directors, or animators.

The Studio of Film and TV Graphics is the oldest studio of animated film in the Czech Republic. The profile of a graduate and a student is different from other similarly focused studios in the Czech Republic because of its strong artistic and graphic essence, which is unique in the field of  animation film studies. This film-graphic education is also a strong basis for wider application of a graduate of our studio.

In the 21st Century the animation stands up to completely new challenges. Its use of the application in the form of a classical audiovisual works moves to other disciplines and possibilities of application. It is in particular a new interactive and technological forms such as web design, UX design, virtual and augmenten reality, videomapping, game design, mobile applications etc...

Students of the studio represent the multidisciplined creators, who have an overview of the current happenings in the field of graphic design, illustration, film and animation. They are the pioneers of new accces and with that they push the field forward and expand its boundaries.

Best of UMPRUM (59 min):



Rozálie Kirschová (00:28)

Nothing but furit.



Linda Retterová (05:26)

After "he ate his mother, he ate his father", the puppet Otesánek sets out on a piece of gum into the world (created almost exclusively from textile materials). Will the city withstand the onslaught of this rudeness?


Bazén / Swimming Pool

Marie Urbánková (3:44)

The naughty lady at the box office strongly warns visitors that the keys to the lockers really have to come back and the timid swimmer dreams of his grandiose swimming style.


Otřes / Tremble

Josef Žárský (4:00)

Old Eskimo woman is addicted on social networks, and that has a fatal influence on her ability to obtain food. Film about guns and self phones. Breaking ice included.



Kateřina Hubená (02:18)

A short film about fear and the expectation of finding something that is sometimes right next to us.


Zahrada / The Garden

Julie Lupačová, Linda Retterová (01:03)

The garden was made to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the foundation of independent Czechoslovakia and the authors managed to fit these hundred years into i single minute.


Deep Dark Fears

Pavel Soukup (00:24 + 00:33)

Mini spots about fears.


Black hole proxy

Matouš Vyhnánek (04:39)

A short piece about fate, faith and gravity, created as a homage to the animation and special humour of Terry Gilliam.



Magdalena Kvasničková (04:58)

An animated depiction of the half-waking state before we fall asleep. Various people describe how they see the state between waking and sleeping.


Štvanice / Chase

Michaela Režová (11:33)

This animated documentary brings back the glory days of Czechoslovak hockey — but also the dark moments from the year 1950. 


Zvuk / There Is Something Behind The Sound

Julie Lupačová (06:40)

This sound-generated animation gives the audible world an impressive visual form of moving geometric shapes or a starry sky. 


Revisted / Market: Coronado

Šimon Marek (04:11)

Music video divided into two parts and each is to present different views of the same thing.


Sekec mazec

Karel Osoha (06:18)

Sort animated grotesque from the environment of one block of flats. During one noon, the girl will be affected by the consequences of her anger and the lives of several residents of this house.


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