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06.11.2019 00:00 - 21.12.2019 00:00

The Storm is Blowing from Paradise

Auf der Ausstellung ist der tschechische Künstler Libor Novotny vertreten. The Storm is Blowing from Paradise Gruppenausstellung kuratiert von Pawel Mendrek and Ewa Zasada

Ausstellende Künstler: Dave Beech (UK), Martyna Czech (PL), Benjamin Fitton (UK), Magda Hückel (PL), Martin Newth (UK), Patrick Nilsson (S), Libor Novotny (CZ)

We live in a world where only „one percent“ of what is happening becomes visible, the rest remains in the dark. However, this darkness is not always dark. It is also a passive zone, allowing us to be an observer. 

So you can paraphrase the theory of „one percent“, assuming that these proportions, seem to protect us from overloading us with the complex picture of the world, that exists. The sensitivity of the eye increases in the dim light and at the same time, it is protected from excessive exasperation in the bright light. Looking back at the partial image, one can sense that there is more to it. To summarize, the world we created and became familiar with is loosing its grip and our paradise no longer protects us. The storm is brewing and is coming from the paradise.

Ewa Zasada

Vienna Art Week 2019 (15.-22.11.2019)

Artist Talk, Montag, 18.11.2019, 6 pm

Die Ausstellung wird mit Unterstützung des Tschechischen Zentrums Wien und des Polnischen Instituts Wien realisiert.

Für weitere Informationen klicken Sie hier: https://www.loft8.at/ausstellung/the-storm-is-blowing-from-paradise/


Loft8 Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst

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Loft 8 Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst Radetzkystraße 4, 1030 Wien


Von: 06.11.2019 00:00
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