Czech Photography Masterclass No. 6 Bára Prášilová – via Instagram

Mi 24. 02. 2021 Online

Czech photographers will show you their photos - and you will show them yours. On the Instagram. Go for it?

You can literally become a part of the Czech Photography Masterclass! Tag the image in your feed or stories with the hashtag #masterclass SURNAMEOFTHEPHOTOGRAPHER, and integrate your photo in the project. The photographer will comment on your photos in a video, which we will also publish on the Instagram two days after MasterClass. 

Every second Wednesday, the Czech Center Vienna dedicates its Instagram account to one of the contemporary Czech photographers. Throughout the whole day, we upload the author's works to the contributions on the Instagram, which represent various stages of his artistic work. In addition, each post will be completed by the photographer and his own words, so you can get closer to the idea of ​​the work itself. Come talk to us and our artists about art. Come and enjoy it. Connect with us on our Instagram account @tschechischeszentrumwien under the hashtag #czechphotographymasterclass, under which you will also find all previous MasterClasses. 

Which MasterClass is waiting for you?  

Bára Prášilová


Already finished MasterClass: 

Pavel Baňka 

Photographs purely as a reproduction object, as a brush and canvas. @PavelBanka views his photo in this way and he uses a camera to capture the world beyond human perceptions and create new spaces.

Alžběta Jungrová 

Documentary and artistic photographer combining both elements in her work. She photographed reports from the Gaza Strip, portraits from Czech women's prisons, or the Prague Burlesque dancers.

Ivan Pinkava 

He views the world through a lens from two angles - personal and temporal. In the photos he captures a kind of cycle, the death and a dream. He will acquaint you with the deep symbolic meaning of his photographs, as well as with his philosophy, and you will gain an insight into the analogies and abstract techniques that Pinkava uses in his work. 

Libuše Jarcovjáková 

Parties in communist Czechoslovakia, suffering, survival, LGBTQ+ scene of the seventies. Documentation of all this - all of this are photographs by Libuše Jarcovjáková.

Marie Tomanová 

During her MasterClass, the young photographer introduced us to her unique approach to portraits, establishing contact with photographed subjects - models, and also how to make the best use of Instagram as a photographer.


  • Titel: Czech Photography Masterclass No. 6 Bára Prášilová – via Instagram
  • Datum: Mi 24. 02. 2021
  • Adresse: Online

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